Hello! Hannah here, making my first formal contribution to the PKIR website! With great power comes great responsibility and having jumped aboard the PKIR wagon as a Director, one of my responsibilities is to choose and post my favourite image to share… So, without further ado, welcome to the Editor’s Choice, a little spotlight on a favourite image shared within the Photographer’s Keeping It Real community on Facebook, over the last month.

My July pick is an image by PKIR award winning member Sam Gibson! I was drawn to this image because there was so much going on in it; it reminded me of an image you might find in a spot the difference, and the busyness made me love it; the guy necking drink from the bottle, the girls sorting the bride’s dress and the party just carrying on instantly behind them… A brilliantly timed capture! I asked Sam to share a little more information about the shot with me.

“This image was shot towards the end of Emily and Chris’ wedding at the lovely The Grange near Belluton which is in sunny Somerset. They had a beautiful church ceremony and then everyone headed to The Grange to enjoy some games on the lawn, some cocktails and have an awesome meal by PieMinister served up in a tipi.

 This photograph is just a lovely juxtaposition between the guy having fun on the dance floor, drinking some rum, and the girls fiddling with the dress and trying to work out how to bustle it. There’s a sort of boys vs girls nature of the image, it is comically stereotypical of that gender division.

In terms of technical stuff, I always find tipis can be tricky for lighting – the sloping sides can make positioning lightstands exactly where I want them difficult, so I always carry a lot of different options for sticking flashes to things!! In this instance there’s three lights off camera, one of which you can see in the image. I think I probably had some bounce flash from on camera too just to even out the shadows a little. It was shot at 24, f2.8 and 1/160th of a second at 2000 ISO. I always shoot dancing stuff with pretty high ISO as I like to bring in as much of the ambient lighting that I can to retain the atmosphere of the location. The lights are all gridded too so that I’m not lighting up the entire tipi, but instead trying to keep the focus on the centre of the dance floor as much as possible. Emily’s response when she saw this picture was: ‘classic Jeff’. So for me that’s perfect.”

You can check out Sam’s PKIR profile here.

Wedding scene: A man drinking from a bottle of rum while the bride's dress is bustled up.