How’s your 2019? It feels like the year is racing away if you ask me! As I write I’m dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the last bits of 2018 and getting ready for the year ahead.

Our community has felt a little quieter over the winter, no doubt as everyone’s taking a break while things are slower. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us all.

I’m really excited to kick off this year’s Editor’s Choice selection with this gorgeous moment from Jack Valentine! Weddings are such emotional days for so many reasons and this moment is beautifully framed, giving perfect context… I almost feel like I am the bride!

“One of the last things I try to grab before I head off to the ceremony is the Bride’s Dad, or another relative, seeing her in the dress for the first time.  Sometimes you get an amazing reaction, sometimes you get a simple head nod that nothing more!  I was waiting for this shot and popped myself by the bride to add a little of her into the frame to add context when just before he was about to come in, I heard the Brides Mum’s give him some words of encouragement before giving him a little kiss.  I love that this little moment happened before the ‘obvious shot’.  A wedding is so much more than the obvious key moments, it’s full of little stories between those parts.”

It was shot on the Fuji XT3 at ISO 800, F1.4 at 1/200 sec on the 23mm.  (35mm equivalent on full frame.)

bride's parents steal a quick kiss