This mind blowing frame by one of our Facebook community members Mark Tattersall flew into the 100 Club at record speed earlier this month… Asking to hear more about it was a no brainer!

wedding guest losing his glasses on a trampoline

The idea for this composition actually came about a week before the wedding.

I was shooting a wedding at The York Maze which I hadn’t shot before so I googled what other people had done there. It seemed having the wedding party jump on the massive inflatable bouncy thing was a standard picture but I didn’t really like how the actual bouncy thing looked.

Pondering over how I could use this venue feature I was reminded of Denis Darzacq and his falling pictures. I decided I either wanted the bride and groom floating from super close but shot wide or from far away and zoomed to reduce the angle and create an illusion of being more on their level. On the day the bride got sunstroke and went to lay down through most of the good evening light so I was left with a group of guests bouncing away. Initially I tried close and a 24mm lens but I was bounced all over the place and couldn’t control my compositions so I switched to a 70-200mm 2.8 lens, moved as far back as I could and positioned my self where there was only sky as a background. The guests were having a somersault competition so I had all the time in the world to get the shot. I only took one shot per jump as I really wanted to see the composition in the view finder and get the timing right. I pre focused when they were at the bottom of the jump and made sure I was shooting at the fastest shutter speed I could.

I came away with maybe ten frames I was pleased with of different guests but this guy loosing his glasses stood out.


Canon 5dmk4
Canon 70-200mm 2.8
ISO 250 f2.8  shutter 1/8000

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