Here we are in the thick of wedding season and for some of us no doubt summer holidays too, but our Facebook community is busy as ever sharing some really wonderful moments from their recent weddings. Editor’s Choice falls to me and it’s a hard one as there’s so many images that I just love being shared at the moment, but when this image popped up on my feed it made me smile from ear to ear and pulled at my heart strings quite a lot.*


Danny Birrell wasn’t a name I recognised, but I have since enjoyed looking over his website; I love his earthy tones and absolutely adore his branding, so I was really delighted when he agreed to let me share his image!

“The image was shot just as I was about to down tools and retreat to a little corner somewhere as the guests started their meal. What I like most about it is the total innocence. The straw evaded the wee fella for a good minute or so, but you’ll be pleased to know he nailed it in the end and got to that lemony goodness!

As for the boring tech info, it was 1/250th, 2.8, 640 iso @ 70mm on a Canon 6D with Tamron 24-70. The room at this venue is notorious for it’s pretty strong backlighting, especially during the summer, so I had to pull up the shadows quite a bit in post too.”

small boy trying to drink from a straw at wedding.